Legend has it that one rainy day a peasant wanting to entertain his children put a cart wheel on a pole and tied two ropes and a piece of wood.

He made his children sit on it and spun the wheel. This is how the first Pousse Pousse was born.

There are things that are familiar to us that we cannot tell where they came from. This is the case with these rides that come from the company SOPARK. Their characteristic shapes are familiar to us and we meet them everywhere.
In 1970 during the heyday of the Italian fairground construction industry a worker in these factories decided to set up on his own with his family. This worker is called Carlo LAZZARIN.
Resident in Montagnana in the region of Padova in the golden triangle of Italian manufacturers.

Over the years this company has specialized in children's rides (push-pulls, carousels, small trains on rails with trains or ducks.
Like a current cook, he revisited the Pousse Pousse with galvanization and polyester (seat panels, floors) guaranteeing durability. He also developed the trailer models.
Of course all the rides are thematisable at the request of the customers